Leadership Training and Consulting Services

Nancy Gordon, Ph.D. works with leaders of companies and organizations to help them create a culture and climate that is transformational in the business world. She accomplishes this by first helping leaders understand their own traits and characteristics and then working towards helping them make the changes that will allow them to become the best they can be as a person and as a leader.  Good leaders are constantly working to improve themselves so they are a role model for others to follow. Dr. Gordon works with leaders to help them inspire others to a higher level of accomplishment.

In addition to leadership training, Dr. Gordon consults with corporations and private individuals to provide the educational tools and development techniques needed to achieve success.  Her practices focus on monitoring thoughts and emotions to aid in bringing about health, utilizing the power of the moment, coping with stress and anger, and developing teamwork strategies.

Over the years, Nancy Gordon has been privileged to work with US Olympic coaches and swimmers, PGA golf professionals, physicians, healthcare staff, universities, state agencies, corporations, resorts and individuals. Her techniques enable corporations to reduce the cost of health care, increase employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, burnout and turnover, and increase creativity and morale.

“I met Dr. Nancy Gordon at a wellness seminar where she was speaking about thoughts affecting our overall well-being.  I instantly felt drawn to her and decided I would like to hear more of what she had to say. My husband and I had just made a leap into owning our own business. To say the least, we were fearful of stepping into the unknown.  Nancy helped us not give fuel to our fears and align our thoughts with what we wanted.  We are very thankful to have met Dr. Gordon and feel that her coaching has encouraged us and left a positive, permanent mark in our lives.” – Michelle and Michael Fanning

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