Speaking Engagements

We invite you to check back often for information on Nancy Gordon, her upcoming speaking engagements and wellness services. If you wish to book Nancy Gordon for an event or schedule a consultation, please complete our Contact Information form.

As a psychoneuroimmunologist, Nancy Gordon, Ph.D. studies how one’s thoughts, emotions, perceptions and beliefs affect health and well-being.  Through her work, she has provided training to US Olympic coaches and swimmers, PGA golf professionals, physicians, healthcare staff, universities, state agencies, corporations, resorts and individuals to learn techniques for coping with stress and anger, visualizing goals and finding life-work balance.

Nancy Gordon regularly speaks on the topic of mind, body and spirit.  Her lecture topics include:

The Impact of Thoughts on How You Feel
Finding Balance in Today’s World
There Must Be More to Life than This
Life Is Not a Game of Chance
How to Stay Positive in a Negative World
The Role of Emotions in Health and Wellness
You Are What You Think
When You Control Your Thoughts, You Control Your World
Physics 101 and Wellness
The Body, Mind, and Spirit Connection
How the Universe Really Works
You Will See It When You Believe It
What Goes Around, Comes Around
What is Stress and How Do You Get Rid of It?
The Role of Belief
We Create Everything Twice: First Mentally then Physically
There Are No Mistakes, Only Choices
Life Is an Inside Job
There is a Lesson in Every Situation
Thoughts Are Magnetic in Nature
The Importance of Living Life with Gratitude